Workplace Wellbeing = Workplace Performance and Productivity

Consulting, training, and coaching designed for the specific challenges of the healthcare and public service sectors

Is your talented healthcare or public service team falling short of its potential?

We believe there is a critical link between employee wellbeing and organizational success.

The wellbeing of your people and the quality of your leaders has a direct impact on the productivity and effectiveness of your team. Leaders set the tone of your organization, and they create the environment for your team to do their best work.

When you’re dealing with burnout, difficult team dynamics, and lack of trust and communication it’s challenging to get the results you know you can achieve.

Workplace Wellness Boots Productivity


Of employees believe showing empathy is an important way to advance employee retention


Of workers at companies that support wellbeing initiatives are more likely to recommend their company as a good place to work


Of employees in a study in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine said their employers weren’t doing enough to reduce symptoms of burnout in the workplace

Are you considering the health and wellbeing of your leaders?

Here are some common challenges that can be significantly improved by workplace wellbeing consulting and coaching:


Job burnout, exhaustion, overwhelm, and stress


High employee turnover and low engagement


Missed deadlines, low productivity


Conflict and lack of respect for other team members


Underperforming, struggling to hit targets

We offer a full suite of Workplace Wellbeing Solutions

Sustainable solutions for a healthy, vibrant,and productive workplace

One to one coaching with Gina Howell



We partner with you to develop customized workshops and training that supports your leaders and teams


We use an evidence-based approach to build workplace wellbeing and increase psychological safety in the workplace

One to one coaching with Gina Howell

Training and Workshops


Recognize and stop ineffective thought and behaviour patterns


Improve communication skills and teamwork


Minimize conflict and workplace exhaustion


Boost engagement, performance, resiliency, and self-perception

One to one coaching with Gina Howell

1-to-1 Leadership Coaching


Develop authentic leaders and increase employee engagement


Explore purpose and values


Instill deep trust in teams to help manage conflict and boost performance

One to one coaching with Gina Howell

Team and Group Coaching


Maximize the potential of your leadership teams


Create safety in highly complex and charged situations


Expand self-compassion, emotional intelligence and empathy for others


Improve performance and leadership skills

Create a work environment that promotes productivity, performance and wellbeing

Our consulting, training, and coaching are designed for the specific challenges of the healthcare and public service sectors. Based on a proven, evidence-based approach, our programs build personal resilience and help professionals withstand the unique pressures of their working environment.

You CAN help your people to think and act in new ways and achieve greater alignment and productivity. High-performing teams and healthy workplaces are engaged, focused, and success-oriented, with a clear sense of purpose and vision.

We are committed to bringing out the best in your people by enabling them to work past their self-sabotaging beliefs to identify and embrace what brings them energy and enjoyment at work. And that leads to increased productivity and performance.


Workplace Wellbeing Coaching is transformational!

“I was given the great opportunity to work with Gina and participate in the Positive Intelligence program. I was unsure what to expect at first, but the tools we learned and the insights into my own reactive patterns and saboteurs were invaluable. Gina coached us through the hard stuff and supported the work we were all doing. I continue to use the knowledge and the tools to grow and be more effective in work and in life.”

Kate Thompson, RN

Director of Primary Care, First Nations and Inuit Health

The coaching experience I had with Gina was one of the most impactful I’ve ever had. I regularly find myself returning to the lessons I learned with her. Gina taught me to be true to who I am whilst leaning into that which was uncomfortable.”

Robin Buckland

Director General and Chief Nursing Officer, First Nations and Inuit Health

“Working with Gina as my coach has been a life-changing experience. She is both gentle and fierce, helping me clarify what is most important and my path forward. Gina understands the struggles of high-performing, successful women. If you desire transformation in your work and/or life and have the opportunity to work with Gina, DO IT!!”

Mandy Rollins

Director of Coaching, Crisp Video Group

About Gina Howell

As an RN and then in my career managing public health programs and leading through several public health emergencies at the Federal level in Canada, I’ve had first-hand experience with heavy workloads and the pressure to perform.

Since founding Gina Howell Coaching, I’ve worked with clients in a variety of organizations, from entrepreneurs to those in private industry and governmental organizations. My background in public health and managing public health crises has been especially instrumental in supporting health care professionals and public servants at all levels, as well as the organizations that employ them, through the COVID19 pandemic.


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